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Create a clutter free kitchen. When it comes to home improvements, the kitchen sits comfortably in pole position as the room we love to update the most – and why not? Fashions chop and change, new ideas come to the fore and technology continues its metronomic march onwards. Today, the humble domestic kitchen has become the hub of the modern home, used as much for relaxing or finishing homework as it is for creating the perfect Sunday roast.

Designing your own kitchen utopia needn’t be difficult, but whether contemporary or classic in nature, clutter of any kind is a definite no. Thankfully, a myriad of solutions exist to keep those work surfaces, and the mind clean and clutter free. Here are our top four.
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1. Built in Appliances

One of the simplest ways to streamline a design is to build in as many appliances as possible. Don’t use valuable space by sitting a microwave on the work top. Instead, integrate this and lots of other useful kitchen goodies within the kitchen cabinetry. Coffee machines, steam ovens, wine coolers and warming drawers are just some of the most popular choices.

Kitchen with Built in appliances

Hot Water Boiling Tap

2. Get rid of the kettle

Get rid of the electric kettle by fitting a boiling water tap. There are 101 uses for a tap that dispenses boiling water instantly, so it’s no wonder this simple invention is top of the kitchen wish list for many.

3. Get a refrigerated larder

It sounds radical, but why not have your own refrigerated larder in the corner of your kitchen? Most fridges are too small and all manner of tins and packets get spread around the kitchen. Imagine being able to bring everything together in one, simple to incorporate, ginormous space.

Corner Fridge

Hidden Kitchen Storage Appliances

4. Create a workstation

Create a work station for mixers, blenders, ice cream makers and all the other gadgets that see the occasional light of day. A tambour unit (which has a smart sliding roller shutter door) is great for hiding these things away when not in use.