The team behind ELK has been at the forefront of designing sustainable environments for over 30 years. Now they are applying their thinking to kitchens. Driven by an obsession to minimise waste and the impact on our planet, their system uses less than 50% of the material of conventional kitchens. A highly iterative approach constantly refines the relationship between process & geometry resulting in the use of less material. 

Kitchen Styles

As a result of the efficiency of storage and the intensity of utility they achieve more with less. By minimising the storage of air and optimising product placement within cabinetry they require less material, less floor area and less actual units. There really is more space in your kitchen than you think!


O’45 was born of a desire to create an innovative design approach that leads to a new aesthetic. The result is a design that balances modern engineering & traditional craftsmanship. Super-efficient, function focused utility centres deliver a genuine alternative to the kitchen status-quo.


GRID elevates the “linear” urban kitchen to a new level. Our innovative system gives a genuine ability to create truly bespoke kitchens designed to fit any space. The quality of materials is elevated from generic man-made boards to finely crafted engineered hardwood.