Mackintosh Painted Shaker Kitchen in Exmoor, Somerset

Designed by Ruth Salway

The ultimate centrepiece in this delightful Exmoor kitchen is an all electric, new generation 5 oven Aga. Pre-heated cast iron ovens offer instant cooking and flavoursome dishes with the added benefit of a constant ambient warmth to keep the winter chill at bay. If you enjoy slow-cooked food, your favourite dish can be left in the appropriate oven while you head off for a long walk to return to find it cooked to perfection. The controllable top plates and low energy setting reduce running costs yet provide an option for the Aga module to work independently throughout the summer months.

The Aga sits with our popular Mackintosh kitchen furniture painted in sage grey to complement the cream enamel of the stove. Lissa oak interiors and solid oak drawer boxes mirror the timber worktops extending the charm and ambience of this fabulous period home. Integrated appliances and deep storage drawers provide all the conventional conveniences of modern living. Soft curves lead the kitchen through a wide passageway to gently link it with a formal dining area. A large vintage map of Exmoor printed on glass behind the Aga offers the possibility of new routes to explore while a scrumptious casserole cooks unattended in the bottom oven ready for the owners return.