Mackintosh Painted Manor House and AGA DC3 in Pistachio

Kitchens are very personal spaces and require a great deal of thought when planning. We gather there as a family to share news over home-cooked meals. We socialise with friends with a fresh cup of coffee. We use our worktops to keep on top of household administration or to write letters to our loved ones. It’s also a room to find peace and solidarity when we need that all important time to ourselves. Choosing the right appliances to make life easier and provide good service can be daunting with so much choice. We can guide you through the options of self-cleaning ovens, energy efficient dishwashers and state-of-the-art technology to ensure each item lives up to your expectation.


‘We would have no hesitation in recommending Spillers. Buying a kitchen can be very stressful but nobody one was as friendly and helpful in working out what we wanted.’ Kitchen Client

Attention to Detail

AGA DC3 in Pistachio

Stunning breakfast bar with wine storage

Large saucepan drawers

Customer Thoughts

What were the main reasons for choosing to work with us on this occasion?
When looking to install a kitchen, I wanted something that not only looked good but was fully functional. Spillers were able to deliver both with a bespoke kitchen from Charles Yorke. The craftsmanship is second to none, as well as being functional and practical, it fits my style perfectly. With the added personal touches inside the drawers and the cornices. Working with Ruth and her team of fitters was an absolute pleasure. She delivered everything I asked for and more, making sure my kitchen flowed seamlessly and was fully functional. It certainly is my dream kitchen.