Get up to 30% more kitchen storage space with MultiMatic

Nowhere is space more valuable than in kitchen cabinets, but that is exactly where precious centimetres can be lost – unless you own a SieMatic Kitchen that is.

MultiMatic is a highly flexible, interior design system that can be configured, changed and expanded just as you like, anytime and without any problems. Thanks to the patented SieMatic multifunction track plus dozens of exclusive accessories, take complete control of your interior space and create the perfect, practical arrangement of all your items. Now every SieMatic cabinet comes with variable functionality and every kitchen utensil can have a place of its own.

To complement the colour of your SieMatic perfectly, the Multifunction Track can now be chosen in either white or a smart aluminium finish suited to many of the new SieMatic aluminium interior elements.

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Siematic Multimatic

Siematic Multimatic
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The 12,000 square foot kitchen destination at Spillers is a wonderful place to start your SieMatic journey. Step into our ‘virtual’ brochure and experience beautiful designs, the latest appliances and stunning work surfaces.

If you like what you see, arrange a free of charge home consultation. All of our designers are trained at the SieMatic International Academy in Germany, so they are continuously aware of new designs, technical innovations and the latest materials.
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