Innovation, craftsmanship, more ideas per square metre than any other kitchen

What makes a SieMatic kitchen so special? Innovation, craftsmanship, more ideas per square metre than any other kitchen? Since their founding in 1929, SieMatic have set the standard for others to follow. There are lots of reasons why a SieMatic is special – these are just some of the innovative highlights.
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MultiMatic: The Award Winning Interior Design System for Tall, Base and Wall Cabinets

Nowhere is space more valuable than in kitchen cabinets, but that is exactly where precious centimetres can be lost – unless you own a SieMatic Kitchen that is.

MultiMatic is a highly flexible, interior design system that can be configured, changed and expanded just as you like, anytime and without any problems. Thanks to the patented SieMatic multifunction track plus dozens of exclusive accessories, take complete control of your interior space and create the perfect, practical arrangement of all your items. Now every SieMatic cabinet comes with variable functionality and every kitchen utensil can have a place of its own.

Kitchen Napkin Holder Multimatic
Siematic Multimatic Storage

Great New Insights: Beautiful on the outside, but so much more is waiting behind the scenes

Behind every door and in every drawer, discover a perfect new SieMatic world. Surprising material combinations unlike anything you’ve seen or felt, provide a fascinating harmony of form and colour – inside and out. With new individual options and a plethora of functional innovations, SieMatic has rethought the inner life of the kitchen from the ground up. Numerous intelligently developed and sensitively designed details combine to create an unmistakeable whole: the features by which every SieMatic is recognise.
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Kitchen Quiet Heroes
Built In Kitchen Ipad Charger

SieMatic Quiet Heroes: They often get missed, but the little details are so important

Your SieMatic is unique for many different reasons. The virtually unlimited planning and design options are unmistakable, but the many, often modest little details that aren’t always noticed at first glance are really important. Look closely and the differences in quality are probably greater than you expect. These little details are the SieMatic Quiet Heroes.
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Choice of Kitchen finishes
Choice of kitchen finishes Siematic

Award Winning Designs: SieMatic are renowned worldwide for their design development

The world is full of products with superficial, fleeting design appeal. Good design that lasts for decades must be well thought-out and well made – and that is how it becomes timelessly elegant. The SieMatic kitchen programs and design elements have received internationally recognised awards, successfully carving out their place in the history of product design.

Setting the Right Tone: Colour is one of the most important design elements

The choice of colour determines whether a room is perceived as inviting, elegant, generous, cool, or cosy. Achieving the desired harmony requires not only a highly sensitive use of colour, but also a well-conceived concept. That’s why the SieMatic ColourSystem was developed – a palette of attractive matt and glossy colours, which are available throughout every SieMatic program.

Begin your SieMatic journey today

The 12,000 square foot kitchen destination at Spillers is a wonderful place to start your SieMatic journey. Step into our ‘virtual’ brochure and experience beautiful designs, the latest appliances and stunning work surfaces.

If you like what you see, arrange a free of charge home consultation. All of our designers are trained at the SieMatic International Academy in Germany, so they are continuously aware of new designs, technical innovations and the latest materials.Book a consultation