Siematic quiet heroes, it’s the little things that matter

Your SieMatic is unique for many different reasons. The virtually unlimited planning and design options are unmistakable, but the many, often modest little details that aren’t always noticed at first glance are really important. Look closely and the differences in quality are probably greater than you expect. These little details are the SieMatic Quiet Heroes.

01 Hinges

SieMatic’s exclusive Red Dot identifies the new linear hinge with integrated soft close. It has a streamline, modern look and particularly impressive functionality. Continuous tests in the SieMatic laboratory show: This hinge has a useful life up to 25% longer that prescribed by DIN (the German Institute for Standardisation).

02 Multifunction Track

SieMatic multifunction track, the supporting element for the exclusive MultiMatic interior furnishings, is a patented SieMatic development which has been improved even further. It is now more angular, flatter and available in both white and aluminium-coloured to complement any kind of surface perfectly.

Siematic Hinge
Multifunction track

03 The Rounded Corner

SieMatic have developed the ‘rounded corners’ for all cabinet types, both to avoid the build-up of day to day grime and to make life so much easier when cleaning hard to reach corners inside cabinets. Such a simple idea and typically SieMatic.

04 Porcelain

The practical and stylish SieMatic porcelain elements with flocked underside can be placed gently, quietly and securely on smooth, hard surfaces such as granite, but also rest comfortably on the flocked interiors of SieMatic drawers. In addition, the lids can labelled quickly with a pencil.

Siematic Handle

05 Protective Seal

The protective seal, which ensures doors close gently and keeps dust and odours out of cabinets, is a unique SieMatic development. This brilliant innovation has been updated recently to a more elegant and angular design, plus the two colours (white and dark grey) now fit neatly with any SieMatic design.

06 Flock2Block

The flocked SieMatic insert mats have a unique look and feel and are really easy to clean. Combined with the flocked underside of the Porcelain elements, they create a coupling effect: otherwise known as the Flock2Block principle developed by SieMatic.